Salt & Soul Services

Salt & Soul offers a variety of services to help you accomplish all your goals and focus on what you love. Take out the guess work and let us help you, all while supporting local.

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Graphic Design

Design is about more than just being pretty. Knowing how the design will be used is essential. Whether designing for a business, nonprofit or wedding, the design is meant to be both beautiful and draw people in. Want intentional design that cultivates and attracts viewers? We are here for you!


We understand that for an online business, quality pictures of your products are essential. So we teamed up with the amazing Tyler Layne Photography to offer packshot/e-commerce product photography options. Tyler’s work has been published in local magazines, the National Geographic UK, and will be in an upcoming issue of USA Today Magazine.

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Business Insurance

Insurance is important for so many reasons and having accurate coverage can be critical, but we understand it can be overwhelming. This is why we have partnered with local insurance agent, Andrea Pittman, with Country Financial to help you protect what is important to you. Contact Andrea to get started talking about your current needs and future plans.