Why Shop Local

Get to know the individuals behind the Oklahoma businesses you are supporting when you shop local.

Juniper Violet Design

— The economy is built on the support of local businesses. When we spend our dollars locally, we promote the growth and sustainability of our community. —


— We are all in this together…Locally owned businesses can help build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities, and by contributing more to local causes. —

Jersey Girl Bath Co.

— I think of small businesses like the jewels of the community, creating relationships, providing services and products and creating jobs.—

Jo Harper Photography

—Supporting Local businesses means supporting the people who live in your community. You don’t need to go far to find something unique!—

Neighbors Coffee

—Keeping it local is an opportunity to serve our neighbors, help our friends, and create a positive impact in the community that’s always been home us. —

Sanctus Bellator

—Our mission is to serve our community by providing quality pork and beef products that are pasture raised using sustainable methods. We are privileged to work hard to raise local food you can trust, from our family to yours. —